Freedom Kids @Little Big Town

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me...."  Matthew 19:14

Our Children's Ministry Directors:  STEVE & CRYSTAL NOCK - Contact information:,
Our goal is to share with every child that God made them and loves them.
K-5TH GRADE:  Our goal is to teach children that they can trust God and they can make
wise choices and treat others good and kind in making a difference in their world.
We use a tag system to check in all children.  
You must have the matching number to pick them up after service.
If there is an emergency during a service, a leader will notify you immediately.
 Safety is a top priority.  All volunteers must go through a security background check.  
Questions? Please feel free to contact our Children's Ministry Directors.
Welcome Kids!

Sunday Mornings
10:30 am

Steve and Crystal
  will be there to
   welcome you!

 Check in and learning begins!

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