Life groups = doing life together.

We believe that spending time together and practicing God’s love through relationships is what the church is made for. We have various in-home groups going through the Book of 1 John. Life groups meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons. If you would like to get connected with a group call Pastor Josh directly at 234-759-9042. 

Missions Trip

In October 2018 Freedom Church sent us to Cuba! Josh worked with adults through church services and seminar work shops while Carissa led our children teams. The support money from our Freedom Church family led us and our team of ten to reach hundreds of people through speaking engagements, children’s programs, and one on one conversations. We thank you for the opportunity, the financial support and prayers through it all!


Our Canfield Women’s Bible Study takes place each spring and fall for women of all ages! We also have meet ups and special events throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about our women’s ministry, contact Alisha Brownlee at 330-881-5740.

- Opportunities to Love and Serve our Community -

We are intentional about looking for opportunities to love and serve in our community. It is what "Practicing the way of Jesus" is all about!