Welcome to Freedom Church Canfield

About Us

Our mission is that we will practice the way of Jesus so that it will be in Youngstown as it is in Heaven.

To this end, we've been orienting ourselves around three goals as a church: to Be with Jesus, Do What Jesus Did, and Become Like Jesus.

At our Sunday gatherings (10:30 AM), we alternate between teachings on these goals and moving verse-by-verse through books of Scripture.
We're also convinced that Freedom Church Canfield is meant to focus on these four purposes:

Disciple Deeply
Through opportunities like Alpha, we want to make disciple-makers, apprentices of Jesus in our modern world.

Further Freedom
In partnership with the Set Free Movement and Rahab Ministries, we're working to end modern day slavery and human trafficking in our community.

Develop Leaders
From those interested in the ordination process to people who love working with children, we want to assist others lean into their potential as leaders for Christ.

Go Global
Although we have faced setbacks due to covid, we want to continue strengthening our relationship with our sister church in Hungary.