The church is not a program, but a family where you can find love, acceptance, forgiveness, deep-level friendship and most of all ~ FREEDOM!
 (John 13:34-35; Acts 2:42-47)

Our Mission & Vision

We are ONE church meeting in Two locations.

We Exist to reach the cherished missing.
Freedom Church is about the task of helping people become free who have been bound by their lifestyles, pasts and wrong assumptions. These people wander our world in mass away from God and lost in mindsets of confusion. We call them the cherished missing. Our purpose is to reach them, bring them into the God’s family and grow them up in the hope there is in God (Psalm 46:5; Luke 14:21).  
Our purpose statement then becomes “To Find, Free and Heal the Lost, Bound and Broken” (Luke 4:18-21; Luke 15; 19:10). Our culture has created a generation of people broken by divorce, abuse, abandonment and bound by addiction and wrong mindsets. But thankfully, Jesus has come for the very reason of finding, freeing and healing them, and has charged us as believers and our church with this task for our area.
The vision of Freedom Church is to create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Our Values

There are some vital values we try to live out in Freedom Church. They shape everything we feel, everything we are and everything we do. They are as follows:  

► Noise – Many churches make a lot of noise in their worship. Others make very little noise. Yet, both claim that theirs is the way worship should be. Our church isn’t so focused on noise in worship. Instead, we believe our church environment should be filled with the noise of love and celebration. It is the kind of noise that is hope-filled, jubilant, freeing and uplifting (John 15:9-11).

► Numbers – The numbers we seek, however, aren’t quantities of people who attend. Instead, we care about the quantities of people who aren’t here. God doesn’t just count how many are here. He counts how many are missing. We are passionate about finding the missing (Luke 15:10).  

► Safety – One reason there are so many people who don’t go to church is because when they did attend church, the environment there was so condemning they felt judged and unapproved of. In our church, we cultivate an atmosphere of grace and affirmation so that we provide a safe place for people to investigate the claims of Christianity (Luke 15:1-2).

► Full Devotion – It is clear that God’s desired commitment level for His children is that of full devotion. But God isn’t asking this of us to confine our lives or to be possessive. He asks this of us because it is the only way His life will work for us. It is where the joy emerges, the peace happens, the love flows and the freedom lies (Mark 8:34; Mark 12:30).  

► Cultural Relevance – Many churches feel that it is important to communicate theology and doctrinal understanding. While it is important to be doctrinally accurate and informative, we believe it is more important to teach people how to understand and live out the Word of God in their daily walks. If we can’t walk it…then what good is it? It is what caused the people to be amazed at Jesus teaching. We teach with that premise in mind (Matthew 7:28-29).  

► Church Health – A study was done of four thousand healthy and growing churches around the world to find what made them healthy. They came up with eight essentials of a healthy church. They were enlightening and our church tries to live up to these essentials. However, we have discovered there is one more essential; healthy people. Healthy churches are made up of healthy people. Our church endeavors to help people connect with Jesus, who is poised to bring healing to these broken souls (Luke 4:18). The mission of Freedom Church is the same mission Jesus gave his followers: "Make disciples in all nations, and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and Holy Spirit.

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