Finding Freedom Together

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free" Galatians 5:1


Freedom Church's mission is simple. We exist to help people find freedom. We believe the best way to do this is to find it together.
We believe all people were created to be free.

“You are free…”

These are the first words to humankind from God after the creation of the world. However, because of this freedom man and woman made a decision that resulted in actually being bonded, bonded by brokenness, pain, sickness, and more.

It’s the decision we still make today when we choose things that are less than the best. It’s the decisions, intentional or not, that others have made that harm us. It’s what’s referred to as sin.

We believe that by following Jesus our freedom can be restored. He points us to a better way to live through his example, teaching, sacrificial death and rising to new life.

Because of Jesus we can all experience forgiveness from sin and freedom.
Through Jesus, once again, “you are free.”


We believe that we have been set free for something. In 2023, we identified 5 areas in which we and others need freedom. We will focus on finding this freedom for ourselves and others in these areas. It informs the ministry, new and old, that we undertake.

Focus Area # 1: Spiritual
  • Moving from spiritual indifference to the freedom of spiritual growth, we will put renewed emphasis on environments for growth (Worship Services and Life Groups) and extending personal invites. John 8:31-32

Focus Area # 2: Financial
  • Moving from financial unhealth to the freedom of financial wellness, we will provide opportunities for financial learning/guidance (Financial Peace University or similar) and generosity initiatives. Matthew 6:24

Focus Area #3: Life Patterns
  • Moving from destructive behaviors to the freedom of thriving, we will explore ways to help provide healing from habits, hurts, and hang-ups from the past and present including the possible launch of a Celebrate Recovery or similar program. Romans 6

Focus Area #4: Slavery
  • Moving from the reality of human trafficking to the freedom of human flourishing, we will embrace partnership with the Youngstown Chapter of the Set Free Movement. Luke 4:18-19

Focus Area #5: Relationships
  • Moving from relational collapse to the freedom of relational health, we will focus on the health of familial and other relationships by creating environments to help them grow and thrive at all ages and stages. Galatians 5:13-14


Freedom Church is a member of the Free Methodist Church. The FMC was birthed out the anti-slavery movement in the 1860s. We share a set of beliefs with all Free Methodist Churches. To view our whole statement of beliefs and learn more about our denominational family, click the button below.

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