Pastors & Staff

Oliver and Emily Beans

Lead Pastors

Aaron Maurice

Pastor, Canfield Campus

Marie Houston

Worship Ministry Leader, New Middletown Campus

Linda Savaet

Elder, Administrative Assistant

Jill (& Paul) Savaet

Children's Ministry Leaders

The Ten Commandments
of Church Staff & Leadership

· They must have teachable hearts.
· They follow a pattern of regular personal devotions.
· They are supportive of and loyal to all other church leadership by developing trust in one another.
· They are people of integrity in and outside the church.
· They embrace the vision and values of their church and its ministry.
· They must value and take part enthusiastically in small group ministry.
· They give of their resources to support the ministry (tithes, offerings, service).
· They joyfully exhibit the love of Christ to those they serve.
· They have hearts and lives that worship.
· They are cheerleaders for the ministry of their church.

And they must have fun!